Freezer Bean Burritos

I created this recipe myself. If you make your own tortillas, this is even better.

1 Can Refried Beans
1 Can Black Beans
4-8 oz of shredded cheddar cheese (or other mexican-y cheese)
1/2 - 1 cup of Salsa
8-10 Tortillas

Mix all ingredients (except tortillas) in a large bowl. If you wish, you can put the black beans through a food processor first to have a creamy constancy the whole way through, but I like them whole as well. When you are finished mixing, place 1/8th or 1/10th of the mixture on each tortilla. Do not overfill the tortillas! There should be enough room on either side to fold over past the middle of the filling. Overfilling the tortillas will make them hard to fold and also make them take longer to heat.

Folding the tortillas is the most difficult part of this recipe. Fold in the bottom and top of the tortilla so that the fold is touching the filling. Then, fold in both sides of the tortilla so the fold is touching the filling. Turn the burrito over so that the folds are on the bottom. This will keep it from opening.

The burritos can now be eaten, put in the refrigerator, or frozen. When refrigerating, wrap in a plastic or a air-tight container. When freezing, wrap in plastic and then in tin foil.

Heating directions:
Toaster oven (or conventional oven) - approximately 15 minutes at 350F. Cut in half to check to make sure the middle is warm.

Microwave - About 1 minute on high (this may vary depending on your microwave).

Heating from frozen will probably take longer, but I did not test these times. I always defrosted them before heating.


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