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Easy-Peasy Peppermint Bark

Note: If you've ever bought Peppermint Bark in the store before, you are going to be mad at yourself when you see how EASY and INEXPENSIVE this recipe is! So easy. SO EASY. Also, for the love of Pete, go buy some Reynolds "Release" (non-stick) foil. It's a bit more expensive than regular foil, but it was well worth the price to me since it made this recipe so easy to do.

16oz White Chocolate, slivers or pieces*
1/2 tsp of peppermint extract or oil
5 large peppermint candy canes (or the equivalent), smashed**

*My grocery store sells 16oz blocks of chocolate in the bulk section, so I bought one and shaved it into small pieces using a large knife. If you can't find a block of chocolate, use white chocolate chips, or whatever you can find. The higher quality, the better, though.

** I removed the wrappers from the mini candy canes that I used, put them in a bag, and put that bag in another bag. Then I used a hammer to smash them up. My downstairs-neighbor…