Breakfast Sandwiches

Note: These are a great quick breakfast when you need something you can hold in your hand. They take a whole 3-5 minutes to put together depending on your meat.

1 English Muffin or biscuit
1 Egg
Cheese (whatever kind you like. Cheddar or American work well)
Sausage, bacon, or ham (optional)
butter, for spreading

1) Crack an egg into a glass, microwave-safe custard dish*, and beat well.
2) Prepare the meat for the sandwich and toast your English muffin & butter it. Have the cheese at the ready!
3) Microwave the egg (cover it!) for 2 minutes on high. You will hear popping and sizzling - it's Okay!
4) Carefully remove the egg from the microwave with a pot holder - the glass is HOT!
5) Add cheese on top of the egg quickly so that it can melt.
6) Remove the egg from the custard cup carefully with a butter knife or a fork.
7) Assemble your sandwich and enjoy!

*If you don't have a custard dish, any microwave-safe glass dish will work as long as it is approximately the size of the English muffin/biscuit. A measuring cup might work.

source: This is all my own, save some research on cooking egg in the microwave.


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